School Activities

June 2020


Absolutely amazing work from Mr. Stripp putting all of this together. Congrats to all of the 2020 graduates. Best of luck in high school and please make sure you come back and visit!

We are all one no matter of color or race.
Todos somos uno no importa de color o rasa

May 2020


So proud of all the students who participated in today’s first ever MS 50 virtual debate tournament. Big shout out to the volunteer judges, behind the scenes tech crew and debate coaches. #prideofthesouthside
Thank you to our crossing guards making sure our children and family are safe in the streets. Thanks

April 2020

Thank you to our essential workers! Thank you for feeding our students and families. I know there are more of you but thank you all.
Izabella H. Doing her arm circles 💪🏾#remotepe
Nasir Q. doing his jumping jacks #remotepe
We are so proud of your sharing Mr.Stripp!
Thank you very much, on behalf of the whole MS 50 community and our families!
Water splash and diving to 7 of 24 Water Falls in the Dominican Republic with Ms. Vidal and Ms.German yohoooooo!
The Cafeteria lunch with Doctor/Dean Lopez Yielded exciting Responses from all Participants when Chef/ Principal Honoroff Demontrated and shared the Source of his Superior Matzoh Ball soup dish which he learned from his grandmother.
Isaiah must have been so excited by the Cultural dish Presentation that he Resiliently debated with Dean Lopez regarding Kids’ energy being more Superior than adults.
The Consensus was…ISAIAH won the debate!!!
Hooray to the MS 50 students!!!
Lilyana R. doing her jumping jacks!! #remotepe
loving these digital renditions of Pikachu!! #PokemonClub
31 Participants in Ms.Liu’s Kahoot Math game Yielded Superior performance as students were Resilient in arriving at their answers. The students’ consensus is they enjoyed the class!
#Happy National Assistant Principal Day #Thank You Ms.Gunn for all you do ! 🙌🏼❤️

Hola Familias:
Queremos agradecerles desde el fondo de nuestros corazones por todo el trabajo que han estado haciendo con sus hijos para ayudarlos a continuar aprendiendo en casa durante estos tiempos difíciles. Valoramos mucho su opinión sobre lo que le vas bien y sobre lo que podríamos hacer de manera diferente para ayudar a apoyar el aprendizaje de su hijo/a. Para proporcionar su opinión, complete la encuesta a continuación. Queremos que los padres o tutores completen la encuesta. Diseñamos una encuesta similar que enviaremos por correo electrónico a los estudiantes.

Mr. Honoroff

Hello Families,
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the work you have been doing with your children to help them continue their learning at home during these difficult times. As we finish our second week of remote learning, we would like input from you about what is going well for your child iand about what we could do differently to help support your child’s learning. To provide us with input, please fill out the survey below. This is for parents/guardians to fill out. We designed a similar survey that we will email to students.

Mr. Honoroff

Izabella H. #crazyhairday #spiritweek ✨
Michel had fun participating today. #crazyhairday #spiritweek
#Day5 Spirit Week # Crazy Hair Day
Ariana L. #crazyhairday #spiritweek
Great Morning Everyone!!! Crazy Hair day to wrap up Spirit Week! This was our morning breakfast! #ms50 #spiritweek #crazyhair #thisiswhatwedo
MS50 5th Day spirt week crazy hair day
Sereniti A. doing her yoga poses #remotepe
Malichi R. – Enjoying remote PE!
Ariana L. doing yoga #remotepe
##Spirit week ♡♡ Rainbow day♡♡
Hailey J. #rainbowattireday #spiritweek
Ariana L. #rainbowattireday #spiritweek
Spirit week continues
Zach. M Getting ready for today’s pe!
Sereniti A. Doing today’s sock-clock challenge #remotepe
Hailey J. #spiritweek #crazyhatday
#Day 3 Ms50 Spirit Week #crazy Hat Day
Good morning MS 50 community. Crazy hat day.
MS.50 3rd day of Spirit week “crazy hat”

March 2020

Jayden Cruz of class 7-204 is joining ms50 spirt week “pajamas Day”
#Ms50 Spirit week is really fun even that we do it from home # comfy and handsome in pj Iziah (207 class)
Jayden showing his MS 50 PRIDE. Keep up the great work! #pajamaday #spiritweek
Joshua, you made my day. Thank you for sharing! #remotePE 💙💪🏽
Hannah T. showing her school spirit! #pajamaday #spiritweek
#Day2 Spirit Week #Pajama Day # Ms50pride
Ms.50 Day 2nd Pajamas day For remote spirt week.
Me. Kean showing MS 50 Spirit!!
#Day1 Spirit Week # Ms50 Pride
Lilyana R. Starting off her week with a great workout! #remotepe #spiritweek
#MS50 #spirit week 😉😃
Happy Spirit Week Warriors!
Iyana showing her MS 50 PRIDE! #spiritweek💙✨
7-207 ready to start the day and kick off spirit week showing MS50 pride 🥳💙💛
#spirit week #MS50 #swagbag
Good morning parents, students and staff post your 50 swag. Have a bless day.
Spirit week
Great 1st week 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Ms. Uva’s family doing the #ms50pressplaychallenge. Check out her son Jayden (last on line). He’ll be joining the MS 50 family next school year, and we can’t wait! 💙
Jayden C. #remotelearning
Iyana R. #remotelearning
Samuel practicing his clarinet. Can’t wait to hear you play again! 🎶🎵
Go Natalie!!! #remotelearning
212 Virtual ELT
James C. Doing push-ups #remotepe
Matthew C. Doing his stretches #remotepe
Lilyana R. doing her arm circles #remotepe
Jennalisa C. #ms50pressplaychallenge #remotepe
Edilve C. #ms50pressplaychallenge #remotpe
Gia M. #ms50pressplaychallenge #remotepe
Aniya J. #ms50pressplaychallenge #remotepe
Good morning families and students. Join our virtual morning breakfast every day led by Dean Lopez. We go over the schedule for the day, study breakfast cuisine from around the works and have some morning fun. Find the daily link in the MS 50 Virtual School google classroom.
Nyla’s take on the #ms50pressplaychallenge. Go Nyla!!!
Lilyana R. #readyforremotelearning
Lilyana Rivera made sure to take part in the #ms50pressplaychallenge. She also did her push-ups. Good job Lilyana! #remotepe
Lisbeth Reyes #remotelearning #focused
My kids participating in the challenge.
My son Mark and I joined the challenge #ms50pressplaychallenge
My family and I participating in the challenge!!! #ms50pressplaychallenge
Hardy family! #ms50pressplaychallenge #remotePE
Alyssa and family!!! So much fun! #ms50pressplaychallenge #PE
Ciara and family having fun with the #ms50pressplaychallenge #PE
Mekell N. and Jorge H. Getting their push-ups in. #PE #remotelearning
Go Alana!!! 💃🏽 #ms50pressplaychallenge
Today’s PE activity is so much fun. Make sure to check it out. Send your videos!!!
Shout out to Analise, Abby and their mom. #ms50pressplaychallenge
Alina P. #readyforremotelearning
William S. #readyforremotelearning
Jorge H. participating in PE today. Go Jorge!!!💪🏽

Students, make sure to share videos of your workouts.
Remote learning doesn’t stop us from being active. Good job Nia!!! #PE
Omari R. #readyforremotearning
Jaylene T is ready to learn!! #remotelearning
Yay Zach!!!! #remotelearning
Faculty staff meeting to re-cap our first day of remote learning. We love our school! #remotelearning #family #Staff #prideofthesouthside
Analise & Abigale #remotelearning
Gisella Hardy #remotelearning
Izabella Hardy #remotelearning
Franz Pacheco #remotelearning
Samuel Gonzalez #remotelearning
Ariana Lee #remotelearning
Hailey J. #readyforremotelearning
Sanchez family! #readyforremotelearning
Andrew W. #readyforremotelearning
Nyla G. #readyfordistancelearning
Iyana R. #readyfordistancelearning
Joshua D. #readyfordistancelearning #senior2020
Zacharia M. and siblings! #readyfordistancelearning
Hannah T. #readyfordistancelearning
Let’s keep this going! Here’s my son Taylor with his remote learning schedule. He’s in 8th grade. We’re looking forward to seeing all of our students’ pictures! #senioryear
Hello Families. I have a challenge for you. Take a pic of your child next to the MS 50 distance learning schedule and send it to or message it to me here and I will post on Dojo. Above are my three kids next to schedules from their school. #readyfordistancelearning
My Remote Learning Schedule is already hanged in my room , iam ready and excited to start on Monday! Proud to be MS.50 Student
Hello Families. Our new distance learning schedule is explained here in English and Spanish by Ms. Gunn, Mr. Lopez, Ms. Sostre and me. We miss everyone! Can’t wait to start remote learning on Monday.
We will build bridges to higher ground and cross all borders to reading and learning.
MS 50, your Educational Amazon!
Coming soon to your doorstep by El Puente brigade
Enjoying lunch! #8thgrade #ms50 #familia

February 2020

The debate team is going to Brooklyn tech tomorrow to compete in the tournament
I told my team, when your legs can’t run anymore .. run 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃 with your heart! #I’m grateful for my team and their motivation!! #MS50 #roadrunners #Thank you😃
Bravo Emmanuel Mejia!
Take Pride Bilingual Class!
Saturday School in full effect!! Classes 7-207 & 7-210 defining and identifying vocabulary words they will encounter most throughout they’re learning in ELA. #whatvacation? #westilleducate #ms50 #saturdayacademy #thisiswhatwedo
Feliz día del amor y la amistad. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Happy Valentines from 7-207 class ❤️
Saturday Academy in full swing! Students from 7-204 wielding a dictionary to identify vocabulary words! #wearelearning #thisiswhatwedo #preparing #ms50 #saturdayschool
Saturday Program:
Bilingual students learning the language of Nyseslat.
Independent Reading
Key to Independent Thinking
8-204 Great Job!

January 2020

Students in 308 created public service announcements advising against the use of the plastic! “Do not ruin the ocean, do not use plastic !”
Nicholas presents his group’s brainstorming ideas on Paper or Plastic debate topic.
Very well done Nicolas!
Saturday Academy, Week 2 underway! Hard working 7th graders! #ELA #preparing #ms50 #weriseup #education

December 2019

Our MS 50 students are doing INCREDIBLE showing off their beautiful singing and dancing at the El Puente Beacon Winter Showcase!
By combining content area literacy with digital literacy, our students are prepared to be successful historians and learners through high school, college, and beyond!

November 2019

MS 50 Latin Jazz Ensemble rocking out to welcome classes into our Hispanic Heritage Month Show. Oye como va!
City-Wide Champion Debate team!
Preparing for our student led parent conference today!

Sharing our learning in Content and Skills in ELA.

October 2019

That’s the 7- 207 class spirit!
Responsive reading with bilingual ENL students.
Our Peace Warriors @The Anti bully Workshop
Anti bully Day @The UFT Building with our seniors 8th graders

A well-fought debate between Chancellor Carranza and Hanna. Both did a great job
The students preparing chancellor Carranza to debate against the con side on the topic, Are the Yankees the best baseball team in New York City?
First day of MS50 Fit Fam was a success!
The Union of 8-115 is engagingly flowing and growing!

September 2019

At our school we believe in Activism. Our young people took the streets of Climate Strike to fight for Climate Justice today

June 2019

Hard work and determination were on display a sour debate team won 3rd place at the MSQI City wide Debate Championship tournament!!
What an amazing art show this year.
Congratulations to all students and families whose incredible art work was on display. Your hard work really shines! A huge THANK YOU to staff and student helpers, especially El Puente Beacon, for support with set-up and cleanup. Swipe to see highlights.

May 2019

Today some of our student government reps, staff and parents went out to a city council hearing about the educational budget to fight for Extended Learning Time! I am happy to say we got Carranza’s attention!
Being stuck on the train isn’t great, but the boys baseball team is so excited for our 11-6 PLAYOFF WIN!! Go Warriors!
M.S.50 Concert Band with Mr. Wareham. Preparation for their performance! #gettingready #finetuning #musicians
A heart felt gesture of gratitude to teacher sand staff from our family of parents!
Thank you so very much for a warm, hearty, and culturally diverse breakfast!
MS50 Debate Team takes first place over all at the MSQI City wide tournament at Stuyvesant HS. Big shoutout to our 40+ debaters, coaches, parent volunteers and alumni judges.

April 2019

318 writing their own poetry! #rhyme #imagery #poem
Debate Team Heading to Nationals in Washington DC!
Congratulations Vohn!
First Softball game of the season. Go Warriors!