Mission and Philosophy

Our Community School Mission

Our mission is to promote youth leadership through academics, arts, athletics, and activism and to empower student voice by providing opportunities for students to engage in inquiry-based and project-based learning.

Our Community School Instructional Focus

In all content areas, we will teach students to make evidenced based arguments and to justify their opinions using persuasive academic language.   We will also provide our students with opportunities to make their thinking visible on a daily basis and integrate research proven culturally responsive education (CRE) practices into daily lesson plans. 

Our Community School Values

P – Peace and Justice (Paz y Justicia)

R -Respect (Respecto)

I – Innovation (Innovación)

D – Determination (Determinación)

E – Empathy (Empatía)

Our Community School Slogan

Pride of the Southside – El Orgullo de los Sures

MS50’s values.