El Puente Founder Passes Away

Dear Community,

It is with a very heavy heart that we share with you that El Puente’s Founder and President, Luis Garden Acosta, passed away on Tuesday evening. For those who share in our grief, we hope that you can take comfort in that his homegoing was peaceful, guided by the love and light offered by his family and friends at his side, chief among whom were his beloved partner Frances Lucerna and their El Puente Co-Founder Gino Maldonado.

We will share details of the arrangements in the coming days. In the meantime, we are honored to see your tributes to Luis and the impact he made for over 36 years- on the Southside, on Williamsburg, on North Brooklyn, and beyond- to see how you have been inspired and nurtured to be leaders, advocates, artists, and trailblazers he knew you could be.

Luis built El Puente, in part, to each us that to live in a community, we have a responsibility to serve. And as each of us fulfills this purpose, we will forever be connected by the fact that his are the shoulders we stand on when we dare each for our destiny. Together, we are the seeds of hope he sowed. We are the bridges to peace and justice he built. Because of Luis Garden Acosta,

El Puente.

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